June 17, 2024


Our vision

Self-reliant and injustice free society.

Our mission

To empower local communities and institutions to ensure Human Rights and Good Governance for all

Core values:

  1. Not for profit
  2. Non political
  3. Equality
  4. Integrity
  5. Non-violence
  6. Transparency
  7. Courage
  8. Accountability
  • Not for profit: AS activities serve only the development of South Asian countries. Any future income generated will be invested directly in building the capacity of the organization and in program activities.
  • Non-political: AS does not have any affiliation to any political party. It will try to work in cooperation with government priorities but will not support any political parties or actions directly or indirectly.
  • Equality: AS recognizes that all persons are born equal and endeavors to treat all persons, rich, poor, male, female, Bengali or Indigenous with equal respect and free of discrimination.
  • Integrity: All staff of AS will carry out their duties in an honest manner setting an example to the community.
  • Non-violence: AS believes that all forms of violence are to be condemned and its staff will at no point become involved in or support any kind of violent behavior.
  • Transparency: All information about the organization; its staff, programs, budgets and financing sources will be available to the public through application, visit to organization’s offices, citizen charters, social media and website.
  • Courage: In the face of injustice and large scale poverty, AS staff and the community in general will require individual and collective courage.
  • Accountability: See ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ section below.